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Anonymous screamed:FUCK CAPITALISM! event though tumblr, the internet, the cameras used to take the photos in this blog, your house, your TV your freedom are all capitalist but still.. FUCK CAPITALISM!

Do you drink coke/pepsi, wear Nike/Adidas, eat Hershey’s? Do you support the slavery that these companies rely on? Of course you don’t dickhead, by your logic everyone should absolutely true to their beliefs and no one would be able to make any sort of positive change. 

Lets carry on though, I don’t pay for my own internet, plenty of strong connections from the neighbors. I didn’t take any of the photos either, I use other people, my house? Let’s just say I don’t pay rent. My TV? Sorry mate don’t have one. And we’re not free, it’s just morons like yourself who believe we are :) So yeah fuck capitalism as you so nicely put it.

If you feel the need to carry on this conversation either stop hiding behind anonymous or come and see me.

Finally learn to spell/type.

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